Monday, April 1, 2013

Kevin Ware's gruesome injury

I have to admit that I do not have the best knowledge when it comes to US NCAA basketball. I may not know a thing or two about it. Who's team or bracket is winning, who upsets who, or whatever. I only know that it is like the NCAA or UAAP of the Philippines where college stand outs strut their stuff on the hard court. Much less about their players. But this caught my attention:

The last thing you want to hear is a player getting hurt or getting injured. Sprains, strains, pull are maybe tolerable, but when you get to see an injury like this where they said that it is a compounded fracture of tibia, man that turned my stomach. I do not need to throw in all the scientific terms to describe it, you can see how painful it was for the player. What surprised most is Kevin was still able to inspire his teammates  by uttering "Just win the game, Im OK, just win the game" repeatedly. At the end of the day, Louisville won, using an inspired 2nd half to rout Duke.That sounded as if I know many things about US NCAA. Prayers for this guy. JA

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