Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions are for fools.

It's this time of the year when people are making their long list of resolutions of  what they want to do or don't want to do for the coming year. The  timing is all perfect considering that we just opened a 365-page story book. It need not for you to have a very bad 2013 in order for you to make one, or it doesn't stop you on making one if you have won the lottery the previous year. It seems like people are always trying to get better (or worse unknowingly), even myself is guilty of it. 

Don't  get me wrong, resolutions are great, only if you have not broken it the first day of the fucking new year. These are changes that you would want to come into reality. Change in lifestyle, change in study habits, change in attitude, or what not. My point is, does this really make you who you are and who you want to be, in a couple of days? You see, what I am trying to say is, these shits will only give more guilt and disappointment on your part if you were not able to perform it the way you envisioned doing it. The list goes like this: You said that you will try to cut the crap foods on your diet, then gulped a truckload of chocolates the very night you said it. You said that you will cut off the alcohol running in your system so that it will not replace your blood, but drank a hard drink the next night with your holy friends, how did i know, because you fuckin' posted your JD and Hennessy on your social media but kept the Gin Bilog bottle underneath your sofa. You have not consumed a cigarette for years, but sniffed a stick just by the scent of your friend who just had one. You said that you will not  let him or her in your life anymore because you have had enough, but the next day you were the one who greeted him or her a good morning, You said that you will study harder, but you'll end up 8 hours in a computer shop trying to prove that you will study harder idiot. You said that you will be a better brother or sister, then fight with them after a few hours because they are watching Toonami and you want to watch Princess Hours. You said that you will be a good son or daughter, only to disobey them after a few minutes. You said that you will be more responsible socially, then you spit on the ground or throw a wrapper of candy. You said that you will be more active physically, you even bought training apparels, but you have a hard time carrying your butt off of your bed early in the morning (I'm guilty of this one). You even post status or tweet that goes like "New Year, New Me", "Hello 2014, Goodbye 2013", "This will be my year #2014", "Year of the Wooden Horse #MyYear" even if you are born in the Year of the Wrecking Ball son! and all these other posts who have more hashtags than the times they stayed true to their resolution. 

I will not be a hypocrite because I try to make one or two changes in my life but I do not call it resolutions. I just keep it to myself, and curse if I have to wait for the next year to have a chance to do it again LOL.  I also embrace the YOLO Philosophy, I mean, I get it, you have to live better in order for you to have a longer life, but doing so, you limit yourself on what you really want to do. You will make yourself feel bad if you are not able to fulfill the promise that you made to yourself fool. That is the reason why I do not make resolutions. Try to live life the way you want it to be lived, and to hell with the consequences. It doesn't mean that you live the life of Miley Cyrus, but just enjoy it. Do not put opposing force on the things that you want to do, force that stops you for being who you are in the first place. Just keep it to yourself because Resolutions are for fools. It will make you feel guilt like you have never felt it before. Just wait for the next year for you to have a chance to do it again, or not to. JA

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mr. Fast turning back the hands of time

Anthony Jayjay Helterbrand has thought about retirement for a couple of times because of father time catching up and he knows that he is at the twilight of his sensational career in the PBA. Was once a season MVP when he carried the load for the Ginkings but that was years ago. Sure this might be his last year or probably next year, but he doesn't want to go out without a bang, and these are the moments that we will remember about Mr. Fast:

Credits to the owner of the video

With the conference on the line, win or go home, backs against the wall, JJ delivered by scoring all of his 13 pts in the 4th quarter and had Ginebra live to fight another day. Together with his renewed faith, he turned back the hands of time just as father time stands in front of him. JA

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kobe Bryant tears his Achilles tendon, will he ever be the same again?

Probably one of the most shocking and devastating injury sports will ever see. Kobe Bryant tears his left achilles tendon and sending the Lakers' hope of making a noise in the playoffs come crashing back to earth. Couldn't have come at the worst time where the Lakers are making a last hurrah to secure that 8th and final spot in the western conference. 

Video from YouTube

And here is Kobe taking about the injury after the game: 

You could feel the frustration and you could see it in Kobe's eyes. All season long of struggles, trying to prove to people that Lakers can still do it, it disappeared in just a blink of an eye, or a snap of a tendon. Now you could put the RIP for these lakers this season. They will probably make the playoffs and go against OKC or the Spurs, but I will not be surprised if they will be swept out of the 1st round.

They say it will take 6-9 months for Kobe to recover and they say he could play the first game of next season around November and he has taken the first step after his successful surgery. You never question Kobe's determination and his will to win. Ofcourse you will still see him back on the court. You never question it. But these Lakers fans should ask themselves, is this the start of Kobe's career winding down to the finish line considering that he's 35 y/o and this kind of injury. For sure he will be back, but will the Mamba be same Mamba again? JA

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kevin Ware's gruesome injury

I have to admit that I do not have the best knowledge when it comes to US NCAA basketball. I may not know a thing or two about it. Who's team or bracket is winning, who upsets who, or whatever. I only know that it is like the NCAA or UAAP of the Philippines where college stand outs strut their stuff on the hard court. Much less about their players. But this caught my attention:

The last thing you want to hear is a player getting hurt or getting injured. Sprains, strains, pull are maybe tolerable, but when you get to see an injury like this where they said that it is a compounded fracture of tibia, man that turned my stomach. I do not need to throw in all the scientific terms to describe it, you can see how painful it was for the player. What surprised most is Kevin was still able to inspire his teammates  by uttering "Just win the game, Im OK, just win the game" repeatedly. At the end of the day, Louisville won, using an inspired 2nd half to rout Duke.That sounded as if I know many things about US NCAA. Prayers for this guy. JA

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vino's served! Turning back the hands of time

They say that when people age, they become less effective. As people grow older, they tend to succumb to wear and tear. For sure not many people will try to defy what science and physics tell us (unless you are Einstein). But do not ever say that to Kobe's face. Your body may not but your mind is much more powerful. A concrete evidence is this: 


At age 34 and all, the mileage on his legs on his 17th year on the league, it just drops people's jaw altogether when they witness greatness. Down almost double digits in the 4th quarter against the stubborn Raptors, Kobe summoned the Mamba and Vino in him dropping down 3 treys in an unbelievable degree of difficulty and throwing down a hammer to seal the game. That put the Lakers only a half game behind Utah for the last playoff spot. It doesn't matter, just do not tell Kobe that he can't, unless you are Einstein. JA 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cynthia Villar, ang tunay na mahirap....umintindi at intindihin.

Election 2013 is fast approaching, forums here and there, campaigns everywhere, politician-wannabees scattered like mushrooms. Shows that educate voters determine who to write names on the ballot itself are seen on tv frequently. At kapag matalino kang tao, alam mo na hindi ka dapat bumoto sa ganito:

Ngayon ko napataunayan na wala talagang taong perpekto sa mundo. Mayaman ka nga eh ganito ka naman sumagot sa tanong. Congresswoman dati, Head ng Committee on Education, kahit sinong tao maiintindihan na mas pinanigan niya yung mga investments ng mga taong walang hinangad kundi umupo at magpalaki ng tyan. Di na ko nagtataka kung maraming nurses ang naapektuhan sa sinabi ni Madam, palibhasa sobrang yaman, elitista, di alam kung gaano kahirap mag-aral. Yaan mo Madam Villar, pag na ospital ka at tinurukan ka ng suwero tapos nagkamali, may dahilan na ang mga nurses sa inyo, hindi naman nila kailangang maging magaling diba?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why not Lebron, Why???

The clamor of fans for superstars to join the slam dunk contest has been on going on for years now. They have been salivating for dunk contests featuring superstars like Vince Carter, Tmac, MJ, Dominique Wilkins used to do before. If my memory serves me right, the last slam dunk contest that i think is parallel to that of slam dunk contest before was the dunk off between Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson. You can also put in the year that Blake Griffin won it all when he jumped over a car, or should i say jump over the hood of a car. That was a little over rated though, with the athletic genes that these dudes have, jumping over the hood of the car wont make fans jump off their seats at all.

Fans have been longing for the Blake Griffin vs Lebron James match up in a dunk contest, but Lebron quickly killed the fire saying that he is getting older and his legs are not fresh anymore so he won't join the contest. I dont know if he is getting older when you see him warming up before the Kings game and he does this:

The other night he warmed by going to the free throw line threw the ball between his legs of the backboard and tomahawked it down the rim. This is even sicker. Threw the ball up in the air, waited for it to bounce off the floor, gathered the ball between his legs and flushed it. I dont know how old those legs are. I just hope before he gets to 30, I hope that he gives us a show in the slam dunk contest, who knows this might be his WARM UP dunks for New Orleans next all star weekend. Blake should be watching somewhere. JA