Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vino's served! Turning back the hands of time

They say that when people age, they become less effective. As people grow older, they tend to succumb to wear and tear. For sure not many people will try to defy what science and physics tell us (unless you are Einstein). But do not ever say that to Kobe's face. Your body may not but your mind is much more powerful. A concrete evidence is this: 


At age 34 and all, the mileage on his legs on his 17th year on the league, it just drops people's jaw altogether when they witness greatness. Down almost double digits in the 4th quarter against the stubborn Raptors, Kobe summoned the Mamba and Vino in him dropping down 3 treys in an unbelievable degree of difficulty and throwing down a hammer to seal the game. That put the Lakers only a half game behind Utah for the last playoff spot. It doesn't matter, just do not tell Kobe that he can't, unless you are Einstein. JA 

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