Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why not Lebron, Why???

The clamor of fans for superstars to join the slam dunk contest has been on going on for years now. They have been salivating for dunk contests featuring superstars like Vince Carter, Tmac, MJ, Dominique Wilkins used to do before. If my memory serves me right, the last slam dunk contest that i think is parallel to that of slam dunk contest before was the dunk off between Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson. You can also put in the year that Blake Griffin won it all when he jumped over a car, or should i say jump over the hood of a car. That was a little over rated though, with the athletic genes that these dudes have, jumping over the hood of the car wont make fans jump off their seats at all.

Fans have been longing for the Blake Griffin vs Lebron James match up in a dunk contest, but Lebron quickly killed the fire saying that he is getting older and his legs are not fresh anymore so he won't join the contest. I dont know if he is getting older when you see him warming up before the Kings game and he does this:

The other night he warmed by going to the free throw line threw the ball between his legs of the backboard and tomahawked it down the rim. This is even sicker. Threw the ball up in the air, waited for it to bounce off the floor, gathered the ball between his legs and flushed it. I dont know how old those legs are. I just hope before he gets to 30, I hope that he gives us a show in the slam dunk contest, who knows this might be his WARM UP dunks for New Orleans next all star weekend. Blake should be watching somewhere. JA

Stretch Run: Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

A little over 20 games left on the regular season. 2 1/2 games behind the Houston Rockets for the Final playoff spot. Have won 11 of the last 16 games. Pau Gasol coming back IF they make the playoffs. But the question is, can they???

Kobe has all the confidence in the world, no wonder though, that he guaranDAMNteed that the the purple and gold will make the playoffs. He was quoted by the Sports Illustrated saying: 

"Its not a question if we will make the playoffs, we will."

These are bold statements from the Black Mamba himself. And i do agree that they will make the playoffs. Either Utah who sits currently on the 7th spot or Houston will slide down and i think the farthest the lakers can go is up until the 7th spot. That means that they'll have to face either Oklahoma CIty Thunder ir the San Antonio Spurs come first round. Make no doubt about it, if and when they really do make the playoffs, Lakers will give the Thunder or Spurs a run for their money. As long as Howard makes his freethrows, rebounds the ball and play D that made him 3 time defensive player of the year, as long as Steve Nash will summon those young legs and facilitate like the Future Hall of Famer that he is, as long as Pau Gasol wears those Big Boy pants, and finally as long as Kobe stays true to this Mantra, they are a scary team to go up against with.

Kobe tried to be the facilitator for a stretch a month ago when he averaged like 11+ assists. It worked for a while though but that will not work for Kobe. Kobe was born a cold blooded scorer. Dont try to be like Lebron, the man is just on a different planet. Do what you do best, and if you do, they can make the playoffs and probably UPSET OKC or SA come the first round. Time passes. Kobe doesn't, and as odd as it may sound and it might not be pleasing to the eyes, that's a good thing for purple and gold. JA